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Utah School to Work Initiative

The Utah School to Work Initiative aims to ensure transition age youth (ages 14-22) with intellectual or developmental disabilities (including those with the most significant disabilities) are engaged in competitive, integrated employment regardless of where they live in the state. In 2016, Utah was awarded the Partnership in Employment (PIE) grant that is sponsored through the Administration for Community Living. Through this grant, Utah will be able to expand the School to Work pilot project that was supported by the US Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). This grant allows for work with school districts, working directly with schools on implementing necessary changes in service delivery to improve employment outcomes for youth with disabilities.

Utah School to Work Vision
It is the fundamental belief that all individuals are employable. We are committed to the vision of emphasizing, promoting, and supporting competitive, integrated and community based employment for youth with disabilities. All students should have the opportunity to exit school employed and with a variety of meaningful, individualized work experiences leading to careers and other positive post school outcomes.

This project offers students with intellectual or developmental disabilities the opportunity to engage in employment related services and activities during their transition from post high into adult life.

9 School to Work Project Sites and local teams collaborating as partners (DSPD, Educators, VR, DWS, Adult Service Provider, Independent Living).

Year One: Ogden, Murray, Carbon
Year Two: Salt Lake City, Jordan (Kauri Sue Hamilton and South Valley School)
Year Three: Wasatch, Provo, Spectrum Academy

For more information or questions, please call the School to Work Project Coordinator, Kelie Hess, at