Employment Trainings

Utah has developed a tiered training approach to address the different levels of training needed to provide quality training to job coaches, employment specialists, and customized employment specialists.  The tiers of training include (a) workplace supports training, (b) employment specialist training, and (c) customized employment training.

The Workplace Supports Training

The Workplace Supports Training is an eight-hour training with five corresponding training modules to support job coaches. Topics for the training include: (1) An introduction to job coaching; (2) Professionalism in the workplace; (3) Job analysis; (4) Systematic instruction; and (5) Accommodations and assistive technology.

The ACRE Training

The ACRE training is designed to provide employment specialists with the requisite skills for understanding and delivering employment supports to individuals with disabilities. Topics for the training include: (1) Disability rights and history of employment; (2) Individual assessment, including discovery; (3) Career planning; and (4) Community research & job development.

The Customized Employment Training

The Customized Employment Training is an 80-hour course, conducted over a 12-week span, for current ACRE certified employment specialists that will combine classroom and experiential learning, while working with an individual seeking a customized job. Topics for trainings include: (1) The discovery process; (2) Creating profiles and visual portfolios; (3) Informational interviews; (4) Customized job development; and (5) Developing a training plan.

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