Customized Employment Training

The Customized Employment Training is supported and funded by the Department of Workforce Services – Utah State Office of Rehabilitation.

The Customized Employment Training is an 80-hour course, conducted over a 12-week span, that will combine classroom and experiential learning, while working with an individual seeking a customized job. In order to register for the Customized Employment Training, individuals must have a Basic ACRE certification and must be employed by an community rehabilitation provider In addition to working directly with jobseekers, the customized employment specialist will work collaboratively with a person’s support team, employer, parents, educators, other service providers, vocational rehabilitation counselors and case managers.

Employment specialists who complete this training will be provided ongoing technical support as well as be included in community of practice events.

Topics for trainings include:

  • The discovery process
  • Creating profiles and visual portfolios
  • Informational interviews
  • Customized job development
  • Developing a training plan

For more information or questions, please email the Customized Employment Training Coordinator, Tricia Jones-Parkin, at

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